How we work...

Sit back and relax... we know outsourcing for many is just hard yakka- from dealing with people who don't understand the Australian web industry, the time differences to the lack of quality and complete disrespect towards committed deadlines.

Corigami was born out of the same frustration and we strive to keep it simple, short, yet effective. We don't bog you down with 15-step processes or tie you down to methods defined before the internet was born.

We love Agile methodology and while we strive for a scrum approach, we have experience with Waterfall projects as well !
Project Kickoff1

Project Kickoff

The key stages here are:
  • Project Startup Meeting
  • Discussing Project Objectives
  • Preparing a Project Plan
Designing Corigami2

Designing Corigami

This includes both:
  • UI / UX Design &
  • Database Design
Developing Corigami3

Developing Corigami

Here, we go through:
  • Development &
  • Quality Assurance


This involves 3 main parts:
  • Live Development
  • Client Sign-off &
  • Final (all-system-go) Launch